These brief instructions will help you get started quickly with the Website. Where do you get started? How do you navigate? What type of Content? How can I give you feedback? The list of questions go on... I touch base on those below!
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Welcome! This site is for World of Warcraft gold farmers to find gold farming related material in a single location in an easy to navigate using the top & side nav bars.

What is different about your site than the other 100 out there?

I, like some of you, find myself going to 5+ multiple sites to gather information. This website’s purpose is to pool together content creators relevant & usable content to a single website. When dealing with content creators, they tend to put out content differently over time. Here the information will be presented the same consistent (as Jekyll helps with that here through various commands) feel across the various Expansions.

What I’m looking to do is to “melting pot” WOW Goldfarming resources while crediting original Content creators sources together for Users to just find in a single spot.

Table of Contents - How the Shuffles will be displayed

This website will highlight various relevant shuffles through each expansion. You can see the Example layout here.

It highlights the following:

  • Overview (Visualization Guide)
  • Google Sheet calculator
  • What can you earn
  • Items involved in the shuffle
  • Prerequisites to Shuffle
  • Steps by Steps exlanation
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Reference Links

Getting started

Where do I begin?

To get started, see our Goldfarm Guides section.

What type of Gold farm content?

I personally am a casual gold farmer. I try to make the most amount of gold with the limited time available to play. I have over 90+ level 110-120 alts leveraging daily CDs/professions and TSM Sniping/flipping. Type of gold farming content you can expect to find here:

  • maximizing Daily rotations for steady gold income
  • Shuffles from Vanilla to Current content inside WOW
  • Multiple Herbing routes for each Herb
  • Multiple Mining routes for each Ore
  • 5 man Group & x5 Multibox farms
  • TSM 3 groups & Operations
  • TSM 4 groups & Operations
  • Showcase other current/active WOW Gold Farm Content Creators

Top Navigation Bar

You will see a top navigation bar at the top. This is where I host external relevant content which includes the following:

  • disabling Nav side bar (website real estate is a must IMO)
  • GitHub repo for the raw files
  • About Me!
  • My Social Medias for Gold Farm content
  • Support the content (if you cant financially support, follow is support!)
  • Twitch TV Content Creators that are Active (Gold Farm content, actively streaming)
  • YouTube Content creators that are Active (not click bait, library/source of reliable & relevant Gold Farm guides, walkthroughs, explanations.
  • Feedback - way to get in touch with me!

Side Navigation Bar

Here is where you will go to the collapsible and expandable navigation bar to find the relevant content you want. You can click on each Expansion release to see the various shuffles under that expansion.

Note: If you see any missing shuffles, please get in contact with my ont he social media along the top to add or click feedback to send me an email. Both will work for me!


Scroll to the top navigation bar and select feedback. It’ll open your local machine’s default Mailbox option to send me your feedback.

Please include any erroneous and/or outdated content (provide the URL), improvements suggestions. I will check this infrequently/bi-weekly to GitHub’s Issue tracker valid issues with the site to improve.